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About me
My name is Anastasia, I am Belarus based website developer specializing in Wordpress development and Front-end development. I have a higher technical education in Internet marketing, 8 years of experience in the specialty. For the last 3 years I have only been doing web development, constantly improving my skills in this area.
I speak two foreign languages ​​- English and German, which allows me to work with foreign companies.
Feel free to invite me to your job post to start a conversation.
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What can I do?
Website development
Website development on popular CMS: Wordpress, Opencart, domain selection and registration, website design, layout of the template, site installation on hosting, website publication on the Internet, SEO-setting, website content filling.
Online store development
Development of an online store, domain registration, installation on hosting, layout of a template, filling an online store with goods, text information, graphic information, connecting online payment, setting up notifications for customers and store administrators.
Page layout
HTML page layout according to the provided layout with full adaptability for any device

Yeah! I did all of them, that is my passion.

Online store of sewing equipment
Online store of auto parts
Construction company website
Construction company website (Spain)
Website for the numerology school
Portrait calculating by the birth date
My skills
A bit of what I had to work with
My advantages
Adequate cost
The cost of the site depends on the requirements and wishes of the customer. This includes the complexity of the design, and the content, and the technical component - what functions should be on the site, the availability of payment methods, integration with services, etc.
Attention to details
I spend a lot of time polishing the site. This applies to both the technical and visual part of the site. It is important to make sure that users do not receive a letter addressed to the site administrator, that the site is displayed correctly on mobile devices, all notifications are received and the colors do not conflict with each other.
Free technical support for 1 month
Any questions about the site, improvements, bugs noticed - I provide support within a month.
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